Water Pressure


Trimingham August 22nd 2018

An Anglian Water representative has revealed plans to bypass a section of the new Mundesley-Overstrand water main in order to correct an issue which apparently occurred when Balfour Beatty installed the new pipes 8m deep, much more than the recommended depth and likely to cause problems of access if things go wrong in the future.

Teething troubles occurred immediately the contractors had finished work, when instead of the expected improvement, a significant dip in water pressure was experienced at the East end of Trimingham, and tests by Anglian Water engineers narrowed the problem down to the particular section of the new main where the coast road dips in the Cromer direction over the brow of the hill beyond Sidestrand Church. Exploratory work demonstrated that the most likely cause of the main’s under-performance was that the pipe’s capacity had been reduced by a build-up of air, in effect forming a bottle-neck, but since this had happened at such a depth it was concluded that it would be easier to abandon the existing section and replace it with a new one at a shallower depth.

Meanwhile, Anglian Water has somehow succeeded in producing a noticeable boost in supply to the affected area of Trimingham – but it will be interesting to see how the pressure is affected after the remedial work has taken place in early September.



Sunday 23rd September

Over the past week heavy equipment has been in evidence on the bend at Sidestrand where work has been taking place to replace the affected section of the water main. It should only be a matter of days before the corrected pipework is connected up and Trimingham’s vulnerability to low water pressure and future bursts ought to be secured. Fingers crossed!