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Correspondence received April 2021 

Att. Trimingham History Group

From an old photo album dating back to the late 1800s and early 1900s,
I have been researching the life story/history of a group of young
ladies who are featured at their schools in Boston & Bedfordshire and
and various places visited for holidays, friends and relatives.

It has been difficult to discovery their full identities as they are
mostly referred to by their first names and the album creator only as
‘me’, one page with 7 photos is titled Trimingham Norfolk August 1912,
in a house named Hope Cottage Church Street Trimingham. I have studied
this street on Google Earth and the best fit seems to be no.12, at the
bottom of the page it has a description ‘ Amongst the Floods 1912 ‘

Does your group have any details on Hope Cottage, i.e. was it used as a
guest house, or privately own if so who was living there in 1912, as
this may help with naming this group, I’m fairly certain one of this
group is named Rita Jones and is there any history of Floods around that

Any assistance is greatly appreciated I have attached some photos of the
house and these young ladies, most over all this time a badly faded I
have made some attempt to improve the quality with the limited resources
I have.

Looking Forward to your reply.

David Pitchforth

Hi. Thanks for your very interesting inquiry and the accompanying documents. I sent them to our archivist, Dot Bradley, and she took them to our oldest resident Alec Reynolds.

We have only two pieces or information for you. Although Trimingham lies on high ground and is not normally prone to flooding, Alec remembers being told when he was a boy that there was a series of cloudbursts one after another late one summer which inundated one particularly sloping field at harvest time causing all the sheaves of corn to be swept down into the lowest corner. This was so unusual that the year itself, 1912, was vividly recalled in the period which followed and made a lasting impression even on the generations to come.

As for the photographs, judging from the style of the buildings and the chimneys, Dot and Alec guess that they were likely to show either 18 or 19, Church Street, Trimingham, which are part of an old terrace of houses still here to this day at a point where the old coast road narrows significantly just to the West of the Church. In this picture I think it’s on the left just before the trees which mark the churchyard. It’s nice for us to know what the original name may have been!

If you look at our website ( you might find the “History” section interesting, specially if you look under “Then and Now” and “A Walk Through Time” (which is by Dot).

All the best    Patrick Carpmael

Many thanks for yours, Dot’s & Alec’s help and information regarding this cottage, your village and community seems an idyllic place to live, very peaceful apart from a once in a 100 years Cloudburst event, remarkable that someone still has verbal recall of it.
This Album which I purchased over 35 years from a Flea market on Colwyn bay pier ( sadly demolished a few years ago, however work to rebuild it started in 2020 ) whilst on holiday, has been a ‘Lock Down’ project for me. My first thought was to scan all the photos nearly 300, as many are now quite faded, some have ‘Clues’ as to when and where these had been taken and lots of first names of her friends and relatives, the creator referring to herself as ‘Me’. This lead me to try and identify who these people were, I had assumed ‘Me’ lived in Wales, but seems she and one friend Rita Jones who appears many times in the Album went to 2 girls schools in Bedford & Boston, they had many holidays together as young girls in Nevin ( now Nefyn ), Bridlington, Skegness, Henley on Thames and Scotland. There’s still lots more research needed as there are extensive archives and other photo Albums at the Bedford Physical University, who have confirmed that Rita was there around 1913, so will have to wait for Covid lockdown to end to access these archives.
I have added photos of ‘Me’ & Rita for your interest.
Once again my appreciation for adding these details from your village history.

My original thinking was back in 1912 Trimingham would be an unusual area to choose for a holiday location, unless one of these young ladies either lived there or had family at this property and had invited her friends to stay. Should this be correct are there any local records ie. birth, marriages & deaths available at the near by church, or local library, or Council records that may indicate who lived in this row of cottages?
Once again my appreciation for adding these details from your village history.
David Pitchforth
ps. The attached of Frieston Shore in 1913, the lady sat down wearing a white hat is one known as ‘Me’.