Purple Broom-Rape (or Yarrow-Rape), the uncommon parasitic plant which flourishes in the Stone Field where Trimingham Hall now stands.


On this page we intend to keep a record of how readers have reacted to our village’s activities or to this website. Comments can be delivered via

3rd May 2019    I am writing to find any information available about the town of “Trimingham” in Norfolk. I have came across this website and email address.  It is amazing!  I live in Australia and my maiden name was Trimingham. My grandfather, Thomas George Trimingham, came to Australia as a young man. I have traced some family history to his parents – George & Eliza Trimingham who lived in Lincolnshire. George was buried in Lincolnshire.  I am wondering if the name Trimingham is very common in England and also how the town got its name & if any people by that name live there. Thanks for any help you may be able to assist me with, and thank you for such a great website.            Sheryn Fogarty (nee Trimingham)

2nd December 2018    It was nice to see this slideshow of old Trimingham where my grandparents Albert William and Emily Payne lived at 3 Bizwell Cottages. It looked to me that one of the pictures in the slide show was perhaps these cottages ?  A very good website I must say.        Trevor Payne, Thetford

28th Mar 2018 Please can someone review the content of the front page of the parish website. An initial glance shows one horrendous error that’s screaming at me.
Nothing can be “almost unique”; the definition of unique is that the subject is one of a kind. Visitors will be referring to our website, can we give them a good first impression please? Maybe a review of the whole website is in order?            Ann Humphrey

[The quotation referred to occurs on the Home page: “Trimingham is in one sense the sea-view capital of the entire Norfolk coast-line, as its almost uniquely elevated position brings glimpse after glimpse of spectacular vistas across the water.” We have looked at this in the light of Ann’s comment, but have decided that the way the word “uniquely” is used here is actually quite correct, in that it simply suggests that the height of Trimingham’s position on the Norfolk coast must come close to being a one-off. We are, however, open to contributions by others on this subject of English usage.]

17th Jan 2018 I was totally charmed by the website. It’s all so friendly. (I mean accessible.) The committee have so much to be proud of! It’s a huge achievement.     Tricia, Aberdeen

23rd Nov2017   I really enjoyed looking at your website… interesting, informative, easy to read and navigate, and some very professional photography and time lapse videos. WELL DONE. A best practice standard set for others to use and emulate.   Have you thought about a comments page so that visitors to the site can post our thoughts, and some may even have memories, photos or thoughts to give you…. ?    Mark Patchett, London