Purple Broom-Rape (or Yarrow-Rape), the uncommon parasitic plant which flourishes in the Stone Field where our Village Hall is being built


On this page we intend to keep a record of how readers have reacted to our village’s activities or to this website. Comments can be delivered via


23rd Nov    I really enjoyed looking at your website… interesting, informative, easy to read and navigate, and some very professional photography and time lapse videos. WELL DONE. A best practice standard set for others to use and emulate.   Have you thought about a comments page so that visitors to the site can post our thoughts, and some may even have memories, photos or thoughts to give you…. ?

Mark Patchett, London


17th Jan   I was totally charmed by the website.  It’s all so friendly. (I mean accessible.) The committee have so much to be proud of! It’s a huge achievement.

Tricia, Aberdeen.