Regular Events



at our new hub Trimingham Hall 

Whist  Sunday 1.45-4pm;   Monday and Thursday 1.15-4pm;   Tuesday and Friday 7pm-9pm.    £2.00 includes play, refreshments and raffle, with often an extra Raffle on Friday evening. Contact Liz 01263-834965 for further details and transport.

Yoga   Monday    7.30pm.  Contact Linda on 01263-83434

Poppyland    2nd Wednesday in the month 2.00 for 2.30pm. Contact Dot (after 6pm) 01263-833249

Poppyland is a group of Ladies who meet on the second Wednesday in the month at the Pilgrim Shelter from 2.00 for 2.30pm. Over 8 months there is a Guest Speaker at each meeting who entertains the group for 30/40 minutes, and there is a raffle; then refreshments are provided. The AGM is held in January, in July there is an Outing and in August an Afternoon Tea somewhere local; in December Christmas Lunch/Dinner. Our fees are £20.00 per year. At each meeting there is a Charity Flower competition; members bring a flower from their garden and vote on the flower they like the most by placing small change by it. The results are recorded and a small prize awarded at the end of the year for the member who has won the Charity Flower the most; the money raised from this is then sent to a different charity each year, plus a donation from the group. If you would like to become a member please contact Dot on 01263-833249 (after 6.00pm). Visitors are welcome to individual meetings at a nominal fee of £2.00 per meeting.

Pilgrim Support Group  Tuesdays 10am – 12pm Pilgrim Shelter.  Lift your spirits – join our small group each week to get together for a chat and a laugh, to share our experiences and all things that help us to feel a bit better. Call Ginny and Maureen on 834471 or 834466 and shake off the morning blues!

Coffee Morning   3rd Wednesday in the month from 9.30am. Contact Dot 01263-833249

Fund Raising Meeting   3rd Wednesday in the month from 7.30pm Contact Liz on 01263-834965

Soup & Pud   First Wednesday in the month. Pilgrim Shelter 12pm start. Contact Liz on 01263-834965

Gardening Club   Come along to discuss horticultural issues!  Every third Wednesday in the month at Trimingham Hall 2pm £2

Dance Exercise with Georgina Ryan 11am-11.45am every Tuesday at Trimingham Hall  £5 a session

Craft Circle   Trimingham Hall fortnightly on Fridays (next: 18th May) at 2pm until September. Contact June 01263-833382 for details.

Lunch Club   4th Wednesday in the month 12.00 for 12.30pm £5.00. Contact Liz on 01263-834965 to book your place or if you want a lift

Quiz Nights   Monthly, on mid-month Sundays from 6pm preceded by Supper £7.50. In December on Sunday 17th at 6pm Christmas Supper (Beef stew and cobbler £7.50)  Contact Liz on 01263-834965

Table Top Sale   1st Sunday in the month 9am-1pm. Bacon Rolls £1.00, Tea/Coffee 50p Contact Liz 01263-834965

100 Club
The 100 Club is drawn on the first Monday of the month with prizes of £20, £10, and 2 at £5.00. There are 100 numbers and each number costs £1.00 per month. To find out if there are any numbers available, or go on the waiting list, please contact Myra on 01263-833760. At the end of each financial year a donation is made to Trimingham Church and Pilgrim Shelter.

Trimingham Slimmers WildTogether we can!
Why not join our club? We meet every Tuesday at the Pilgrim Shelter from 1.45 – 3.15pm. £2 per session. Contact Dot Wiseman 01263-834506. Open to men and women of all ages. Free parking. Established 15 years. Our aims are:
• To live a healthy balanced life
• To get weighed weekly
• To help and encourage weight loss
• To promote and encourage healthy eating
• To enjoy two yearly social outings
• To chat and have lots of laughs over free tea and coffee

Jam Jar Collection
The Jam Jar collection is made for Trimingham Church. The idea is that you have a jam jar into which you place £1.00 per week or loose change. Dot will come round quarterly to collect the money and give you a receipt. The date of collection is published in our Newsletter. It is surprising how much this adds up to over the year. The Church expenses go up each year (Parish Share, electricity, insurance, grass cutting etc) and if you would like to help maintain our Church and become a Jam Jarer please contact Dot on 01263-833249 (after 6.00pm)

Trimingham Parish Council
Bi-monthly.   Next meeting: Monday 14th May Pilgrim Shelter 7pm