Land Sale Info

Land at Trimingham Camp

At a Meeting held on Friday 16th August the Parish Council, together with members of the public, met the new owners. Their plan is to operate a site for campers, hikers and general visitors, and they were at pains to reassure villagers that, while their business plan is flexible at present, there is nothing to reinforce the initial rumours which were doing the rounds when news of its sale first came through. It was agreed that the Parish Council should keep in touch and ensure that nothing happens on the land in contravention of planning control.

Below is a summary of local initial reaction to the news of the Land Sale. We shall keep it here because you may still wish to contact the authorities over their handling of this sensitive sale of a local amenity. Norfolk County Council was, in particular, responsible for deciding to put it up for auction without controls.

If you have concerns about how the issue of this sale of land was handled, do please put pressure on the relevant departments to divulge whatever they know. The land was sold off by Norfolk County Council’s Property Department, which is why the email address of the Head of that department, Simon Hughes, is listed below, together with the details of people and organisations which have an interest in this area.

Simon Hughes, Head of Property at NCC:   Email:  No direct phone number is available, but NCC switchboard at County Hall, Martineau Lane, Norwich may direct you to the Estates and Property department. Switchboard: 0344-800-8020

County Councillor Ed Maxfield, our official representative at NCC (Norfolk County Council) is therefore our direct route to information concerning how the sale was conducted.  Tel: 07450-776512    Email:

District Councillor Angie Fitch-Tillett, our official representative at NNDC (North Norfolk District Council, based at Holt Road, Cromer) is the prime contact for issues over local planning and enforcement.  Tel: 01263-576648  Email:

Norfolk Coastal Partnership represents the environment and therefore the use of land along the Norfolk coast  (Ask for Estelle Hook)  Tel: 01328-850530   Email:

We await some activity on the land, which, if it is against planning rules will be reported to NNDC planning office. It is clear that all parties, Parish Council, Gimingham Road residents and the Kearns Foundation, need to act together to get a clear understanding and to be able to express our views for ALL in the village.