Locking Up

Locking Up Trimingham Hall

The following is the document available for anyone using Trimingham Hall, explaining the procedure for setting the alarm and locking up. Hirers who take on the responsibility of doing this will be issued with the Hall’s Security Code in advance:


When you have finished your activity and the Hall is swept and tidy, please check the following simple points:


  • Check that all the lights are turned off in the Meeting Room and the Main Hall (push on/off switches).  Lights in the Store Room, the Foyer and the Toilets will turn themselves off automatically.
  • Make sure the internal doors are all closed – specially the Store Room door at the back of the Main Hall.
  • Check the glass fire doors at the side of the Main Hall to ensure they are locked in place and that the blinds are down.


  • First make sure that the key is in the key-hole of the external kitchen door for when you will need it.
  • Now lock the main external double doors at the front of the Hall by checking that the bolts of the secondary door are locked in place top and bottom (operated from the inward-facing door edge), then turning the knob on the main door and checking that there is no movement in the doors to confirm that they are locked.
  • Go to the Security Panel to the right of the main doors, open it to reveal its key-pad, and then key in the 4-digit security code you have been given. Press the button at the bottom left which says “Yes”. The warning signal will begin to sound, giving you ample time for the final procedure.
  • Close the Security Panel, walk through the kitchen, closing the internal door and switching off the kitchen lights as you go. Insert the key in the outside of the external door, close and lock it. The Security Alarm is now set.
  • Place the key in the key-safe, keeping the key upright so it fits in – this can be fiddly! Close the safe, turning the number-wheels randomly to lock and hide the code. Then slide the cover down to protect the mechanism.
  • If the Foyer and Toilet lights are still on, don’t worry. They are on a timer. Likewise the outside lights come on automatically at night and stay on.


If anything goes wrong, here are some phone numbers you can ring:

Linda and Terry: 01263-834349

Liz:  01263-834965

June and Patrick: 01263-833382

Sam:   01263-833452