Community Housing

Community Housing

Trimingham Community-Led Housing Steering Group
Minutes of meeting held 1 April 2019
Present: Pamela Hill, Jim Page, Elizabeth King, Carmel Leyland, Colin Dash, Terry Brown
Anna Clarke (NNDC), Nicky Debbage (NNDC)
Apologies: John Harrod, Andrea Osbourne, Phil Berry

1. Site Tour
The site tour with Hastoe Housing and NNDC identified two sites with the potential to accommodate a new small housing development. The group asked that NNDC gain initial views from planning and highways.

2. Overview
• Recap on Martin Field visit
The session with Martin Field, specialist in Community-Led Housing had been informative. There were no further queries on this at the moment. NNDC suggested that they would be able to support the Group with some of the work needed and Martin would be required for the more technical aspects.
• Overview of action plan
The Group agreed to use the action plan from Martin’s session to form the basis of the next steps and work plan needed.
• Start-up finances
NNDC confirmed that up to £6k had been set aside for the Trimingham Community-Led Housing project as a start-up fund. This will be held and administered by NNDC until an incorporated group is formed and be able to hold a bank account.

3. Formalising the Steering Group
• Terms of Reference
The Group worked through the draft terms of reference and agreed the text. NNDC to amend the revised document for approval at the next Steering Group meeting.
• Roles
Chair and Secretary will be agreed at the next Steering Group meeting.
• Meetings/Agenda
The Group agreed meetings to be held monthly. It was proposed the second Monday of each month. Next meeting 13 May – 5 to 7pm.

4. Action Plan
• The Group agreed it was likely the Community-Led Housing project would become a Community Land Trust.
• The Group agreed that they would like to partner with a Housing Association and would consider a number of key questions they would want to explore with those interested in the Trimingham project. Nicky Debbage agreed to contact Housing Associations who may have an interest in the project and were working in the North Norfolk area.
• The Group agreed that exploring any skills and knowledge gaps was essential. NNDC agreed to assist with this and suggest training options.
• The Group agreed that it was important to keep the wider Trimingham community informed using the Trimingham News letter and the Trimingham website. The Group agreed to hold a public event to meet the wider Trimingham community to consult and gain further support in the project.
• The Group agreed that further exploration was needed in getting the type of legal incorporation for the project right and that a community-led housing expert such as Martin Field would be required to advise.
• The Group agreed that the action plan headings would be used to form the agenda for future Steering Group meetings along with any additional items as required.

5. First Tasks and next Agenda items
• Terms of Reference
• Sites and Planning matters
• Potential partners
• Skills and Knowledge gaps
• Wider community support
• Legal Incorporation




On 8th May 2018 there was a lively debate on the subject of a council-led scheme for fast-tracking access onto the property ladder for local people, involving exceptional planning permission for a small development of new houses in the village.

The leaflet explaining the purpose of this meeting is reproduced below:

Community Housing Leaflet

Further information on the subject of how (or whether) this project is progressing will appear on this page when we know more.