Community Housing Minutes



Trimingham Community-Led Housing
Steering Group
Minutes From meeting Monday 10 February 2020
Present: Phil Berry, Chair. Andrea Osbourne, Finance. Terry Brown, Secretary.
Pam Hill, Liz King, John Harrod
Anna Clarke, NNDC, Nicky Debbage, NNDC
 Minutes of last meeting
 Matters arising.
It was pointed out that at the previous meeting it was agreed that the recommended bank will be TRIODOS
It was not possible to include the logo competition in the February newsletter
 Site and Planning Matters
Latest drawing from Hastoe (ref 05/02/20) was reviewed
Discuss with landowner the Layby availability to ensure good visibility when leaving the site. Would it be possible to bring the development forward to include the layby with a pavement frontage
Maintain existing trees around the site if possible
We still await definitive information from Hastoe regarding the payment of ground rents to the CLT. Seems that Hastoe board have made a decision that to pay upfront for the land as well as paying ground rent to the CLT would threaten the viability of the project.
NNDC to investigate a way to finance the purchase of the land, so giving a viable way forward for all parties
No land owner contact yet. TEB to try within the next week
 Skills and Knowledge Gaps
Document ‘Developing Affordable Housing’ was presented by Nicky. This to give the CLT members some in-depth information regarding how this type of development is financed
 Wider Community Support
Article for the next newsletter will be about the logo competition. TEB /LK to decide words.
 Legal incorporation
Andrea has contacted both solicitors and received information from both.
As the information is very similar it was agreed that Andrea and Anna would arrange a meeting to discuss and compare.
Agreed TRIODOS will be the chosen CLT bank
Financial and GDPR policies reviewed and a draft policy financial (Peninsular Villages) discussed. It was agreed we would adopt existing policies where possible
 Any other business
Draft Insurance information circulated. We to review CLT membership level and suitable benefits.
Updated action plan circulated and discussed
Meetings will now be 1600 to 1800 on Mondays.
Next meeting agreed for 9th March 2020 at Trimingham Hall.
Terry Brown
Trimingham Community Land Trust


Trimingham Community-Led Housing Steering Group
Minutes of meeting held 9 December 2019
Present: Elizabeth King, John Harrod, Andrea Osbourne, Pamela Hill
Anna Clarke (NNDC) and Nicky Debbage (NNDC)
Apologies: Terry Brown, Phil Berry
1. Minutes of last meeting
2. Matters Arising
3. Site and Planning Matters
• New indicative plans from Hastoe were reviewed and comments agreed for Hastoe revisions. AC to update Hastoe.
• The Steering Group are very unhappy about Hastoe’s information regarding the lease agreement will not include payment of a ground rent. NNDC to refer back to Hastoe to ask if this can be reconsidered in light of a viability assessment first. Anna to speak further to Debbie Wildridge for any further advice.
• Terry and Phil have been in touch with the Harrison family and a date will be arranged when suitable for the family.
4. Skills and Knowledge Gaps
5. Wider Community Support
• The Group felt that the competition for the design of the logo could go into the next Trimingham Newsletter. Group members to speak with Terry on the wording.
• The Group agreed the information boards seemed to have been well received and were useful to promote the project and engage residents.
• Andrea has set up an e mail address. The details are included on the boards and she will monitor for any correspondence.
6. Legal Incorporation
• The Aims and Ambitions document from Debbie Wildridge was circulated. All to review for any comments or amendments.
• Anna will organise National CLT Network membership. Noted, this membership comes with discounted fee options from two solicitors who have specialist experience working with CLTs.
• Andrea will explore banking options further. Anna has offered to assist and also review the budget spent to date with her in the New Year.
7. Any other business
• Trimingham CLT logo – there will be a competition to design this.
• Action plan – noted additional information from Debbie Wildridge has been included for policies that the CLT will need to place. Anna to ask if there are template versions which the Group can consider.
• Dates for future meetings agreed for the first six months of 2020. All will start at 4pm. Anna has arranged the meeting room to be reserved for these dates: Mon 4 Jan, Mon 10 Feb, Mon 9 March, Mon 20 April, Mon 11 May, Mon 8 June


Trimingham Community-Led Housing
Steering Group
Minutes From meeting Monday 11 November 2019
Present: Pam Hill, Andrea Osbourne, Phil Berry, Terry Brown Liz King,
Anna Clarke, NNDC, Nicky Debbage, NNDC
Neil Salisbury Hastoe
1) Minutes of last meeting
2) Matters arising. None recorded
3) Hastoe Housing. Site and Planning
Review of revised site layout drawing and general discussion regarding house type and was stated that the costs of maintenance of the public areas would be included in the rental agreements as a charge. Tenants would be required to look after their private spaces. Andrea asked that we look at the orientation of the properties to maximise sun / solar gain as at the moment the all properties are north/south.
Anna will approach NCC Highways to get an early opinion regarding the entrance to the site, which at the moment is directly opposite the hall entrance.
It was agreed that Terry would approach Chris and James Harrison to try and arrange an early meeting (Phil and Terry to attend) to give them an update on this project and a chance for some preliminary comments. Layout drawing will be discussed but is confidential at this stage.
4) Skills and Knowledge Gaps
We discussed the draft action plan. It was agreed that there are areas where we will need more training and information, and these areas will become clear as we move forward.
Andrea to obtain quotes from designated solicitors and resent to the next meeting. For the purpose of these quotes we assume that the Model terms will not change.
Anna will investigate CLT membership and advise the group.
Andrea will investigate suitable banking facilities and advise.
5) Wider Community Support
The group will agree an update for the coming Trimingham Newsletter. We will talk about our meeting with Debbie Wildridge of Locality, discussions around CLT and the agreement to form, as soon as possible Trimingham Community Land Trust. We will try and explain briefly what a CLT is, and provide a link to a webpage.
It was also agreed that we would have a competition to invent a logo for our trust.
Anna will see if she has a sign previously used that can be amended and placed in the hall in time for the coming events late November early December.
It was agreed we would aim for public consultation in the New Year.
6) Legal incorporation
All agreed that our session with Debbie was very positive and all board members felt very comfortable with her presentation.
Debbie will amend and present our Model Terms, which we will use for incorporation. It is agree we will register as a COMMUNITY BENEFIT SOCIETY
7) Any other business
Text for parish newsletter presented by Anna. Comments or quotes required from board members.
Meetings will now be 1600 to 1800 on Mondays.
Next meeting agreed for 9th December 2019 at Trimingham Hall. Isobel Wright of Hastoe to attend.


Trimingham Community-Led Housing Steering Group
Minutes of meeting held 25 October 2019
Present: Terry Brown (Chair due to vacancy) Elizabeth King, Phil Berry, John Harrod, Andrea Osbourne, Pamela Hill
Anna Clarke (NNDC)
1. Apologies
No apologies.
2. Community Land Trust incorporation
Three members of the Steering Group confirmed for the following positions
Phil Berry – Chair
Terry Brown – Secretary
Andrea Osbourne – Treasurer
Liz suggested that the Group may wish to have individuals to deputise and is happy to take the Deputy Treasurer role if required.
Anna will investigate next steps with a new more local Facilitator to assist with the incorporation process. She is hopeful that Debbie Wildridge formally of CLT East and now works for Locality across the East Anglia area will be able to assist.
Once the Group is incorporated, with a chosen legal structure and bank account, the budget can be handed over to the CLT. Anna to meet with Andrea pre incorporation to go the details and handover process.
Noted that the Group want to attract more board members once set up and want to encourage a greater CLT membership from the local community.
Anna to look at links to the Great Yarmouth CLT’s if required.
3. Neil Salisbury – Hastoe Housing
The Group have had details of an indicative layout. Further discussion took place to regarding a possible mix of the homes. Neil will look to give these revised details to his architect to review and produce a further indicative layout.
Noted that Hastoe will look to use a fabric first approach and use air source pumps for power.
The Group discussed different external finish materials and Neil provided pictures of Hastoe developments across the county. He will send some further details about their development at Sedgefield which Group members particularly liked the external look.
There was discussion regarding landscaping. It was suggested that hedging to the rear of the site would be preferable given the impact the wind can have on fencing.
4. Any other business
Colin Dash has decided to withdrawn from the Steering Group.
Next meeting is currently set for Monday 11 November.


Trimingham Community-Led Housing Steering Group
Minutes of meeting held 14 October 2019
Present: Terry Brown (Chair due to vacancy) Elizabeth King, Phil Berry, John Harrod
Anna Clarke (NNDC)
Apologies: Andrea Osbourne, Pamela Hill
1. Minutes of last meeting
2. Matters Arising
Noted that Jim Page had stepped down as Chair for understandable reasons. Terry Brown offer to stand in as Chair for this meeting.
3. Site and Planning Matters
Housing needs information and suggested housing mix for the proposed development was discussed with suggestions to tweak the mix.
The Group examined initial ideas regarding the layout of a development. This will be examined in more detail at the planned meeting with Neil Salisbury. Noted that there are rights of way to the side and behind the proposed site.
4. Skills and Knowledge Gaps
Confirmation that the group will need to discuss a Heads of Terms as the project progresses and understand what is involved. The Group has been circulated advisory information.
5. Wider Community Support
The Group agreed the introduction text for the webpage. Terry will organise this to go on the
Community Housing section on the Village Hall website.
Text for the next newsletter to be agreed later in the month.
6. Legal Incorporation
Agreed that the Steering Group need to discuss the requirements of incorporation at their next meeting when most members are able to attend. This will allow the group to make final decisions around the commitment to a Community Land Trust. Terry will circulate a note to all members regarding this.
7. Any other business
The issue of including adjoining villages in the project was raised and perhaps a way to get more people involved in the project. The group concluded that this would require further discussion once some decisions had been made in respect of the work of the Steering Group.


Trimingham Community-Led Housing
Steering Group
Minutes From meeting Monday 9th September
Present: Pam Hill, Andrea Osbourne, Phil Berry, John Harrod, Colin Dash, Terry Brown
Anna Clarke, NNDC, Nicky Debbage, NNDC
Apologies: Jim Page
1) Minutes of last meeting
2) Matters arising. None recorded
3) Hastoe Housing.
They have reported via Anna Clarke that the result of their legal investigation regarding the suitability of the Cromer Road site has been positive. We are hopeful that Neil Salisbury will be able to join our next meeting to discuss this good news and plan the next steps
4) Legal Incorporation.
Martin Field, Senior Community –Led Housing Facilitator, East Midlands Community Led Housing, and Debbie Seabourne attended the next meeting and we spent the full time discussing this subject. It is a belief now that we are getting very close to a registration of Trimingham Community Land Trust. This land trust has to adopt a legal identity, Community Benefit Society (CBS), Community Interest Company (CIC) Company Limited by Guarantee(Ltd Co), or a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO). Most (75%) to date have taken the route to be a CBS, and we believe at this point we will follow that route.
The organisation will appoint a board.
The CBS will allow open membership to the whole community, and indeed we will be looking for community members to come on board. All will have an equal voice.
The next task is to prepare a Heads of Terms agreement document. This non binding document sets out the key terms of a proposed agreement between parties. It will
be the basis upon which roles and service will be decided. It will also set out time scales.
We also have to prepare a basic business plan.
5) Any other business
– None
Date of next meeting 14 October . 15.00 hour start at Trimingham Hall


Trimingham Community-Led Housing
Steering Group
Minutes From meeting Monday 12th August
Present: Pam Hill, Andrea Osbourne, Phil Berry, John Harrod, Colin Dash, Terry Brown
Anna Clarke, NNDC, Nicky Debbage, NNDC
Neil Salisbury Hastoe Housing
Apologies: Jim Page
1) Minutes of last meeting
2) Matters arising. None recorded
3) Site and Planning
– Of the 2 sites that have been listed for consideration it was agreed that, at this stage, the one that we would proceed with is the Cromer road option. The second site at Middle Street would, we believe, have problems with access, provision of services and being in a quiet lane zone.
4) Partners;-
– Neil Salisbury joined the conversation, and a general discussion took place regarding where we are now and the next steps we should plan to take.
– Neil confirmed that he has 15 months currently with Hastoe, previously with Saffron covering Norfolk and Suffolk.
– Neil confirmed that a legal search was being commissioned by Hastoe to establish the viability of the Cromer Road site. This would cover the legal aspects of being able to finance the development and take into consideration the location and other detail.
– We discussed the provision of services to the site considering the experiences of the new hall project and Neil confirmed that they would ensure services would be adequately provisioned by the developer.
– We discussed the housing mix (a document was circulated by Anna ‘Trimingham Local Need April 2019’) and it was agreed that the number we are still talking about would be 10 units. Whilst we discussed the type required it was agreed that we would defer this decision until further information is available.
– Anna circulated a further document ‘Work plan – Key stages’ which tries to clarify what we have achieved and what is left to be achieved. This document also indicated an approximate timetable to end of build phase and Anna confirmed this information had been provided by Neil.
– It was agreed that we would try and arrange a Community consultation event, at the new hall, where resident would be invited along to see what we have achieved. Hastoe would support this event. Hopefully this event can be arranged before Christmas
5) Skills and Knowledge gaps
– It was decided that we would not spend time on further specific skill training at this meeting as time was short.
– Terry gave an overview of his and John’s trip to the CLT conference in Norwich during July. The feedback was very positive and it is clear that there is much activity going on in our area with regard to the provision of Community Housing and there is a lot of support there if we require it. John made the comment that the presentation from the two representatives from the Community Land Trust from Yarmouth was very positive.
6) Wider Community support.
– It was agreed Terry would prepare the submission for the next Trimingham newsletter, to be circulated in plenty of time for review by the steering group members before publication.
– It was also agreed that Terry would speak to Patrick about the presentation of the Community led housing group tab within the web page.
7) Legal Incorporation.
– It was confirmed that Martin Field will attend the next meeting to discuss this subject.
8) Any other business
– None
Date of next meeting 8th September. 1400 hour start at Trimingham Hall


Trimingham Community led Housing Steering Group
Minutes of Meeting 16th July 2019
Present: Colin Dash, Phil Berry, John Harrod, Pam Hill, Liz King, Terry Brown
Anna Clarke, NNDC Nicky Debbage NNDC
Apologies: Jim Page, Andrea Osbourne
1) Minutes of last meeting
2) Matters arising
3) Review of meeting 8th July
Those present discussed the review of Housing Associations carried out on the
8th July. Due to other commitments only Pam / Liz and John, along with Anna and Nicky were present at these assessments and they kept a record as each proceeded. Pam/Liz and John also scored relevant questions which was shared with the wider Group. John Harrod confirmed that he had visited several of the sites mentioned and gave an overview of his opinions.
The Housing Associations discussed were:-
Hastoe Housing
Saffron Housing Trust
Victory Housing Trust
4) Conclusion
After much discussion and analysis of the scores that were taken it was agree that the successful company, and the one that we would like to work with is Hastoe Housing.
5 ) Ongoing
It was agreed that we would now ask a representative from Hastoe to attend our next meeting so that we can discuss the next steps in our program.
6 ) Any other business
It was agreed that we would ask Martin Field to attend a coming meeting, hopefully September, to allow the group to move forward in formalising the CLT.
It was also agreed that Terry and John, along with Anna would attend a conference in Norwich ‘Your Housing Needs’ organised by Broadland District and SouthNorfolk Council on 18th July. This conference will highlight to groups such as ours the way forward to CLT with many actual examples of models already in place.
7 ) Next meeting date
12th August. 15.30 onwards Trimingham Hall


Trimingham Community-Led Housing Steering Group
Minutes of meeting held 10 June 2019
Present: Jim Page (Chair), Pamela Hill, Elizabeth King, Colin Dash, Terry Brown (part), Phil Berry
Anna Clarke (NNDC), Nicky Debbage (NNDC)
Apologies: John Harrod, Andrea Osbourne
1. Minutes of last meeting
2. Matters Arising
3. Terms of Reference
Agreed sharing of personal contact details.
4. Site and Planning Matters
James Mann from NNDC Planning Dept joined the meeting to provide an overview of planning matters important to the project. This also included some details from the first draft of the new Local Plan which is currently out to public consultation and could be applicable to the Trimingham project. The Group had the opportunity to ask questions which included issues of coastal erosion, roll back and that Trimingham is in a designated Area of Natural Beauty. All of these will need to be considered as part of a future planning application.
5. Potential Partners
Nicky confirmed there is a third Housing Association interested in the project and she is currently firming up details with them to ascertain if they could attend the informal interview/discussion session.
The Group are happy with the drafted range of questions and points which they would like to cover in these during the interviews. The Group asked if the Housing Associations could provide a written submission to cover these agreed areas which will be used to aid supplementary queries when they meet. The group will meet before the interview/discussion session to review these submissions.
The Group were provided with a list of the interested Housing Association developments in the North Norfolk area. The Group agreed to work together over the next few weeks to find out more about these before the interview/discussion sessions.
6. Skills and Knowledge Gaps
Anna confirmed she had carried out investigations into offering the group some additional training opportunity to aid group working. She provided the Group with an overview of what could be offered with one specific trainer and the Group asked if a more detailed plan of a bespoke training session could be provided.
7. Wider Community Support
• The Group agreed the introduction text for the webpage.
• Anna agreed to assist in draft text for the next Trimingham Newsletter for the Group to approve.
8. Legal Incorporation
N/A at present
9. Any other business
The Group agreed that the Homes England form could be forwarded to the Martin Field at East Midlands Community-Led Housing


Trimingham Community-Led Housing Steering Group
Minutes of meeting held 13 May 2019
Present: Pamela Hill, Elizabeth King, Colin Dash, Terry Brown, John Harrod
Anna Clarke (NNDC), Nicky Debbage (NNDC)
Apologies: Jim Page
1. Minutes of last meeting
2. Matters Arising
3. Terms of Reference
Steering Group agreed the text for the Terms of Reference.
The following roles were confirmed. Jim Page (Chair) and Terry Brown (Secretary).
It was agreed to review the roles at 12 months or earlier if needed.
4. Site and Planning Matters
Nicky Debbage took the Steering Group through the pre planning advice which has been provided by NNDC planning department. These two sites are on Cromer Road and Middle Street. Cromer Road was seen as having some potential but with Middle Street planning were unable to recommend proceeding. The Steering Group noted that this is only advice at this stage and nothing would be certain until a formal application was submitted.
The Steering Group agreed to go forward exploring opportunities for both sites at this early stage.
5. Potential Partners
Nicky confirmed she has been in touch with potential Housing Association partners.
• Hastoe Housing have already confirmed their interest given their assistance so far.
• Broadland Housing Group do not have the capacity currently to assist.
• Victory Housing Trust have confirmed their interest.
The Steering Group agreed they wished to have an informal interview/discussion with both interested Housing Associations and discussed the type of information they wished to obtain in order to select a partner to work with. Nicky agreed to form this discussion into a set of questions for the group to review which could be finalised at the next Steering Group meeting and would aid meeting with the Housing Associations hopefully in July. Nicky will check the availability of both Housing Associations to ustilise the Steering Group’s July meeting to carry out these sessions.
The Steering Group would also like to visit local developments owned by the two Housing Associations prior meeting with them.
6. Skills and Knowledge Gaps
Initial sessions training/coaching sessions were suggested and discussed.
The Steering Group agreed that a training session to aid working together as a group would be useful. Anna offered to explore available options.
Nicky will speak with NNDC planning department to ascertain if a planning officer could come to speak with the group to improve knowledge around planning issues and requirements.
7. Wider Community Support
• Anna agreed to draft text to introduce the project on the Trimingham Community-Led Housing webpage for the Steering Group to review.
• Terry offered to draft the next article for the Trimingham Newsletter and circulate.
8. Legal Incorporation
N/A at present
9. Any other business
Homes England have asked community groups to complete a ‘Call for Information’ form to gather information regarding projects that groups are working on. It was agreed that this would be completed and Anna would forward to Homes England.


Trimingham Community-Led Housing Steering Group
Minutes of meeting held 1 April 2019
Present: Pamela Hill, Jim Page, Elizabeth King, Carmel Leyland, Colin Dash, Terry Brown
Anna Clarke (NNDC), Nicky Debbage (NNDC)
Apologies: John Harrod, Andrea Osbourne, Phil Berry
1. Site Tour
The site tour with Hastoe Housing and NNDC identified two sites with the potential to accommodate a new small housing development. The group asked that NNDC gain initial views from planning and highways.
2. Overview
• Recap on Martin Field visit
The session with Martin Field, specialist in Community-Led Housing had been informative. There were no further queries on this at the moment. NNDC suggested that they would be able to support the Group with some of the work needed and Martin would be required for the more technical aspects.
• Overview of action plan
The Group agreed to use the action plan from Martin’s session to form the basis of the next steps and work plan needed.
• Start-up finances
NNDC confirmed that up to £6k had been set aside for the Trimingham Community-Led Housing project as a start-up fund. This will be held and administered by NNDC until an incorporated group is formed and be able to hold a bank account.
3. Formalising the Steering Group
• Terms of Reference
The Group worked through the draft terms of reference and agreed the text. NNDC to amend the revised document for approval at the next Steering Group meeting.
• Roles
Chair and Secretary will be agreed at the next Steering Group meeting.
• Meetings/Agenda
The Group agreed meetings to be held monthly. It was proposed the second Monday of each month. Next meeting 13 May – 5 to 7pm.
4. Action Plan
• The Group agreed it was likely the Community-Led Housing project would become a Community Land Trust.
• The Group agreed that they would like to partner with a Housing Association and would consider a number of key questions they would want to explore with those interested in the Trimingham project. Nicky Debbage agreed to contact Housing Associations who may have an interest in the project and were working in the North Norfolk area.
• The Group agreed that exploring any skills and knowledge gaps was essential. NNDC agreed to assist with this and suggest training options.
• The Group agreed that it was important to keep the wider Trimingham community informed using the Trimingham News letter and the Trimingham website. The Group agreed to hold a public event to meet the wider Trimingham community to consult and gain further support in the project.
• The Group agreed that further exploration was needed in getting the type of legal incorporation for the project right and that a community-led housing expert such as Martin Field would be required to advise.
• The Group agreed that the action plan headings would be used to form the agenda for future Steering Group meetings along with any additional items as required.
5. First Tasks and next Agenda items
• Terms of Reference
• Sites and Planning matters
• Potential partners
• Skills and Knowledge gaps
• Wider community support
• Legal Incorporation


On 8th May 2018 there was a lively debate on the subject of a council-led scheme for fast-tracking access onto the property ladder for local people, involving exceptional planning permission for a small development of new houses in the village.
The leaflet explaining the purpose of this meeting is reproduced below:

Community Housing Leaflet

Further information on the subject of how (or whether) this project is progressing will appear on this page when we know more.